I don’t know what to do

Have you ever sat in class where you don’t know what is going on. Not because you are incompetent, or because you’re not trying your hardest to pay attention, but because your professor just talks a lot…about a lot….about NOTHING… Let me elaborate.

I am currently sitting in class right now writing my first blog. Why am I not paying attention you ask?…well I didn’t know when class actually started. I have no clue if I should be writing notes or if I should be listening because this is just good stuff to know for my everyday life. So to be safe..I’m recording the lecture. Maybe if she seemed more enthused about what the heck she is talking about, I would actually want to listen. To make sure that you don’t think that I’m just being a student who just don’t give AF (“a fuck” for those of you who are not too hip)…I am not the only person in here who doesn’t know what to do with myself! You’d think this was elementary school because of all the people walking out of class to “get some water” or “use the bathroom”! There’s a guy on twitter, a guy studying for another class, a girl writing the pros and cons of going away to Madrid…there’s a girl texting, a guy playing on his Ipad….*sigh* must I go on!?

And then there’s me…writing my first blog for the hell of it because my professor is boring AF(“as fuck”) and I don’t know if I should be listening or not. 



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