Dick and Jane

So there’s this guy named Dick who I don’t know them too well, and then there’s Jane who I talk to from time to time…and this is just a snippet of their life…

Dick is feeling Jane so he asks his friend James if he knows about the girl named Jane.

Not too well James admits, but I heard she’s a tough one…she will not give up the clit!

So Dick sees this as a challenge because what chick says no to the dick of Dick?

So Dick goes after Jane and Jane says no of course because Dicks not her type and they way he was talking just didn’t sound right. *raises eyebrow* (you should too, to get the full affect!)


Dick wants it even more and knows Jane does too because her mouth gets a little slippy..when she gets little tipsy after a rough week at school..

Later Jane asks me about Dick and all I could say was I heard he’s a dick so don’t give up that clit! She said I won’t because I have too much wit!

Dick woos Jane with suave convos and cutesy pillow talk, he even put a tinkle of gas in her car….thinking “gas a make her dance” (cheesy but whatever..)

Jane is blinded by this new Dick and must admit, he doesn’t seem like a dick.. :-/and before you know it Dick shows his dick and her wit is dismissed. *smh*

Now what shall Jane do,<now that she's been wooed and has done something that she said she'd never do? O_O


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