So I’ve been juicing since Sunday afternoon. I won’t lie and talk about how great it is and everyone should do it because truthfully I want some freaking FOOD!

Now then, I’m not saying that the juice is nasty, and it doesn’t give me a boost of energy, because it does. Hell probably too much energy; I haven’t been able to go to sleep early like I want to because I have too much energy….hummm….maybe I should work out or something..but I hate working out. You may be wondering why I’m juicing, and to answer your question, I have no particular reason. I’m not doing it to lose weight, but if I do that’s cool, I’m not doing it because I want my skin to clear up, because..well, I don’t have bad skin..hummm what’s another reason why people do stuff like this *wonders*…shoot I don’t know, but I’m not doing it for any other reason you can think of.

Though I guess I want to make sure that I still have the discipline to stick with it until Friday (which is my favorite day) and I do actually care about my overall health so if I can show my body some TLC for these 5days I’m sure it’ll appreciate it. OK….so I guess there is a reason why I’m doing this whole juicing thing..whatever.

I wouldn’t be a good blogger unless I told what all I put into my juice.

Today’s menu consisted of:


2 green apples some strawberries (however much you want to put in there…shoot you have to drink the stuff so if you like strawberries….load it up! and this goes for all these ingredients) 1 kiwi 1 cucumber 1 or 2 celery sticks Some ginger

I think that’s all for breakfast now on to lunch

1 cucumber some Kale (load up on the kale) 3 celery sticks 1 green apple 1/2 of peeled lemon a hint of ginger

I think that’s it…


Carrots (lots of carrots…4 or 5 should do) 3 celery sticks Kale..again load up 1 pear 1 red apple

I think that’s it..but keep in mind when juicing to do your own thing, who need a recipe when it’s all going into the same mix; as long as you have some fruit in there you’ll be good to go! But I will say to try and load up on the fruit in the morning and by dinner your juice should be mostly veggies. Now don’t ask why, I read it somewhere and it seemed to make sense, so I didn’t question it. Good luck if you do decide to venture out and do the whole juicing thing, but I’d recommend to not do it to s

ee results, just do it for your overall health! OH and do not starve yourself people!…if you get hungry (which I often do even if I’m not juicing) then grab a apple or two, or some M&Ms with the nuts! so you won’t feel like you’re about to die!

OK, I’m done now! šŸ™‚


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